Back in school after a six month break. Love getting back to all routines and friends. With long days in school a healthy and filling lunch is a must! Preparing for the lunches and grocery shopping takes a lot of time and planning, but it's totally worth it.

So I thought I'd share some dishes that really make my mouth water. They are all on my "to-cook-list".
All recipes that inspire me are saved in a bookmarket file, so whenever I'm lacking inspiration thats my go to place.

• Thai Tacos with ginger slaw and peanut sauce from Minimalistbaker (click on the pic to go directly to the recipe)
How tasty? Been thinking about cooking this for several months! Seriously! Maybe something for the weekend? 

Soba bowls with tea-poached salmon from Turntable Kitchen 
I love tea and I love salmon. I love soba noodles too for that matter. I've done a lot of desserts with tea but never in dishes like this. Must try it! 

Ginger-roasted carrots with mellow miso dressing from My new roots 
I've actually tried this recipe, it's soooo delicious! Great vegetarian recipe. 

Oats with banana and strawberries baked in a hazelnut chai milk from What should I eat for breakfast today
Great breakfast inspiration! Something for lazy Sundays. Lovely blog as well!

Siracha honey lime chicken from iamfoodblog
 So few ingredients but I bet this chicken has a great combination of sweetness, acidity and heat. I would probably serve it shredded with a really nice salad. 

Hope you enjoyed this new category, more will come soon