Grilled peachen with serrano

The taste of salt and sweet, is there a better combination? One of my dearest friends hates when I put fruit in food. But I’m hanging in there and I’m convinced that I’ll one day manage to convert her to loving fruit-in-food. When my friend got married this summer I made her and her husband a handwritten cookbook and I just had to put this recipe in the book. Maybe one day she will actually try it out? That’s my plan anyway.

What’s great with this recipe is that you can change the fruit depending on what fruits are in season. When peaches are off-season it’s great to use pear instead. The Parmesan could be exchanged with feta cheese and hazelnuts could be used instead of flaked almonds. Don’t you just love recipes where you can change the ingredients depending on what you have at home?

Starter for 2 or dinner for 1

Heat up a pan and roast the flaked almonds until they’re golden. Remove from pan and leave to cool. Cut the peaches into clefts. Heat up a grill pan and add the peaches. Leave the peaches in the pan for a couple of minutes and then turn them around to get color on both sides. When they turned soft add the honey and leave for 1 minute. Remove the peaches from the heat and let cool while the salad is prepared. Rinse the rocket salad and let it dry. Shave the Parmesan into big pieces. Arrange the rocket salad in small bowls then add the grilled peaches and the shaved Parmesan. Roll the Serrano up into small balls, top with flaked almonds and basil leaves. Mix the olive oil with the balsamic vinegar and drizzle it over the salad.