Hi everybody!

It's been a really stressful spring with a lot of things to do (work, school, moving to a new apartment, renovations etc.) I haven't been able to cook the way I'm used to, nor to come up with new recipes. But now I feel that I'm back on track. Imagine what a little vacation can do to you :) Have a lot of funny things a head of me, which I will let you know more about soon.

I met some new german friends this week and one of them told me about this great food experience he had last year when visiting Greece. Panfried feta cheese covered in sesame seeds and, after getting fried to perfection, the golden pieces of cheese were covered in honey. What? Yes! How?! These were my questions to him. He told me about the ingredients and I just had to give it a try. So today I made this delicious dish and it really turned out great! Thanks for sharing Jens. The cheese was served with a lovely salad with strawberries, cucumber and red onion. Give it a try! English and Swedish recipe down below.

Panfried feta cheese with honey


Serves 2

How to make panfried feta cheese

Halve the feta cheese. Cover the cheese in flour and then in egg. Cover the cheese in sesame seeds. Panfry in olive oil until the sesame seeds are golden and the cheese has soften up a bit. Put green leaves (such as baby spinach and rocket) on a plate. Slice strawberries and cucumber and spread over the bed of leaves. Finley slice the red onion. Drizzle the salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add some chopped herbs if wanted. Put the panfried cheese on top of the salad. Drizzle some honey on top of the warm cheese. Nom nom. 

Panerad stekt fetaost


 2 portioner 

Gör så här 

Halvera fetaosten. Vänd osten i mjöl och därefter i det vispade ägget. Täck osten med sesamfrön och stek sedan i olivolja på medelhög värme. Vänd osten så att alla sidor får fin stekyta och stek tills att osten har en fin fyllenbrun färg och har mjuknat något. 
Lägg salladsblad på ett fat. Skiva jordgubbarna och gurkan och lägg på salladsbädden. Skiva rödlöken så tunt det går. Droppa olivolja och balsamvinäger över salladen. Tillsätt hackade örter. Lägg osten på salladsbädden och ringla honung över den varma osten. Ät och njut :)