Welcome to Kitchenyum.com, a place where food photography is combined with healthy yet delicious food.

My name is Emmie Söderström and I’m currently studying nutritional science in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a really interesting field in science and so much to learn about. I love combining my education with my way of cooking and my ambitions with my cooking are to inspire to eat healthier food that still taste amazing. I’m a fan of eating healthy food but I also believe that you need to eat for your soul as well. You will hence find healthy recipes but from time to time I might sneak in with a recipe of something less healthy, but really, really tasty.

I have a great interest in coffee and tea and I’ve been working in a tea and coffee shop for more than three years. In these years I’ve learnt a lot about both coffee and tea, so keep a lookout for posts about the world’s most popular drinks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at: emmiesoderstrom(at)gmail.com